Sunday, May 03, 2009

Quick Idea from LORT -- VereVox

I just got back from my trip to the League of Resident Theatres conference in Los Angeles, where I co-presented a session called "Theater Institutions as Media Outlets" with Jim Royce, Director of Marketing, Communications and Sales at Center Theatre Group. The presentation went well, and I learned a lot during the conference. However, I am still surprised at how a three hour time difference can cause so much jet lag. I am exhausted.

I promise I have a ton to share from the conference, but to tide you over for just a couple of more days, I will share an interesting "success story" from Trisha Kirk, Director of Marketing at the Guthrie Theater.

In the past, Trish has used a company called VereVox to record a targeted phone message which was sent to subscribers who hadn't renewed for the upcoming season. She used a well-known actor in her community to record a message with a soft sales pitch, reminding current subscribers that their subscription deadline was approaching and thanking them for their support. Reported results were very positive, and it seems like she isn't the only one using VereVox as Rodi Franko, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Alley Theatre, reported positive results as well.

It's cheap and works well -- what isn't to like about that?

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