Thursday, March 27, 2008

Congratulations boss

I promise to have a new post tomorrow, but in the meantime...

Congratulations are in order for my soon to be former boss Maggie Boland, Arena Stage's Director of External Affairs since 2003. Maggie will be leaving Arena Stage at the end of April to join Arlington's Signature Theatre as their new Managing Director. I think many of else felt that she was more than ready to take this step in her career, and I am glad that the DC theatre scene is not going to lose her. Now she is going to go work for a "competing" theater so I might have to Tonya Harding her before she leaves, but until that time, I can be very proud of her. One of her first responsibilities on the job--attend the opening of Signature's GLORY DAYS on Broadway. What a rough way to start.

Check out the article in Variety.

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