Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hoping to see you in Houston...

The National Arts Marketing Project Conference is a little more than a month away, and I am starting to feel like a child just before Christmas! It is the only time during the entire year that I get to see my colleagues from around the nation, and learn about what everyone else is doing. The markets are changing daily. Buying habits are shifting radically. And who knows what is on the horizon. This conference couldn't come at a better time!

This year I am honored to be participating in the following panels and/or presentations:

When I am not speaking, you will be able to find me at the following presentations:

And even though I have admitted my man crush on Alan Brown, I must say that I can't wait for the plenary luncheon on Monday with Karen Brooks Hopkins, the President of BAM. I have heard from colleagues who have worked with her that she is an amazing manager and an astute fundraiser.

So if you are looking for some interesting ideas on how to navigate the current economic crisis, or just need a good kick in the butt to get reenergized, register today! Don't confuse the National Arts Marketing Project Conference with the other one with a similar name--it might sound the same, but ask previous attendees and they will tell you it isn't by a long shot.


Terence said...

So I get a "Mr.", but no man crush? What gives?! Looking froward to seeing you and catching up!

Amy Wratchford said...

I'll be there too & can't wait to see you! Stop by my Mosh Pit table about the RenGen marketing initiative we're doing - http://www.synchrotheatre.com/aboutus/newsreleases.aspx