Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's just around the corner...

Yesterday I was invited by a national communications company to take part in a focus group concerning new advertising opportunities. The invitation was extended to me by the Publisher of a large newspaper, and since it piqued my interest, I decided to attend. The session lasted about two hours, and I was teamed with five other people, who primarily owned large for-profit businesses. The concept: if it was made available, would we take advantage of people's cell phones for advertising? The technology is now in place that makes it possible to send individuals coupons via text messaging. Encoded in the coupon would be a bar code, and the individual would take their cell phone to the box office to receive a discount. Other ideas were passed around during the session, including sending video previews of a performance to media-enabled cell phones. It seems like whether you like it or not, you better get ready to be marketed to via your cell phone.

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Chad M. Bauman said...

That is an interesting idea. The only thing that we were warned about at the LORT conference is that when you post video on the internet, it is no longer in your control. So make sure you are abiding by all the rules of the different unions you are working with. Otherwise, I don't think it should be a problem. It should be very similar to giving B-roll to a television station.